Rent a sailboat or catamaran in Sicily (from Palermo or Portorosa)

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Palermo base information

Base Manager
Filippo Meli

Base Support
Giuseppe Buzzotta

Servizio Clienti
Giuseppe Collesano

Weather Forecast Channel 68 (continous listening)- Marina di Villa lgiea Channel 7 4

Security Deposit
Payable at check-in in Cash, Visa or Mastercard

Base Opening
From Mon to Sun

Check Out
On Friday at 4 pm

A20 Messina-Palermo (exit Palermo) / A29 Palermo-Mazara (exit Palermo)
A 19 Catania-Palermo (exit Palermo)

Falcone-Borsellino – Palermo (30 km)
Trapani-Birgi (120 km)

From APT Palermo to Palermo City: Prestia e Comandè (departure every 30 minutes)­
From APT Trapani to Palermo City: Autoservizi Salemi

Private Transfer (max 8 pax, one way)
APT Palermo – Marina di Villa lgiea €100,00
APT Trapani – Marina di Villa lgiea €180,00

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Egadi Islands

Wonderful crystal blue waters, rich and various marine flora and fauna make the Egadi Islands famous in the world. These features make the Archipelago an appreciated destination for snorkelers, scuba divers and sailors. Lying like so many partially submerged giant whales just a few miles off the coast of Marsala (west Sicily), the three Egadi Islands offer a great deal of charm and diversity. Favignana, better known as “La Farfalla” thanks to its butterfly shape, is the largest and most important of the islands. Crystalline azure waters in bays such as Cala Rossa make this island a must! Levanzo is the smallest of the Egadi, but not less inviting for that. Peace and quiet are ensured and stressful city life soon becomes a distant memory. Its main “sight” is “Grotta dei Genovesi”, where you can find ancient “graffiti”.
Marettimo is the most isolated of the Egadi Islands. It is wonderfully unsplit both in terms of its marine life and its rugged mountainous hinterland. Dramatic limestone cliffs plummet towards the cobalt-blue sea, endless panoramas abound, and mountain paths offer wonderful walking.


Pantelleria is one of the youngest islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Apparently nothing more than a “black spot” in the middle of the Sea between Sicily and Tunisia, but actually one of the most interesting and inspiring islands of the Mediterranean. This “black pearl” is a typical volcanic island, characterized by volcanic outcrop and terraced slopes that give the real and an unusual impression of wildness. In the middle of the vulcanic crater it is possible to admire a heart- shaped lake, fed by rainwater and hot springs. Here you will be amazed by the emerald and turquoise colors of the water. The island’s highest pick, “Montagna Grande”, has a grotto with natural hot sauna, with therapeutic waters. The most famous architecture of this island is the “Dammuso”: small- domed constructions, originally designed as grotto home and water tanks. Some of them may have a Pantesco garden attached. Restaurants’ menus mainly consist of fish dishes, cooked in the most wild range of receipts. The world wild famous “Passito” sweet wine is typically made by Zibibbo grapes dried in the sun. Enjoy it after your meal, admiring all those surroundings.