North Sicily

Stretching from Messina, the closest point to mainland Italy, across to Palermo, the island’s capital city, the north coast of Sicily is home to some stunning beaches and seascapes, many fascinating towns, including Cefalù, the beautiful island of Ustica and three separate mountain ranges, essentially continuations of the Appennini

Ustica is, for Italy, very well-protected from development and environmental damage. The waters around the island are a marine reserve, are famously clear and are very popular in the summer with divers and swimmers. Coastal footpaths and a bus service circle the island, so it is also unusually accessible for exploration.
Castellammare del Golfo’s principal attraction is the sea. The town’s little fishing and pleasure port, called the Cala Marina, curls to the west of the castle promontory, and makes a pleasant stroll, punctuated with bars and restaurants.

Local Bases: Palermo


San Vito lo Capo

Castellammare del Golfo