North Sardinia

In recent years, the once wild and almost deserted north east coast, home of a few fishermen with a couple of shepherds scattered here and there in the hinterland, has been transformed into one of the most desirable resort areas in the Mediterranean.

For the well-heeled sailing fraternity, watersports enthusiasts and discerning holiday makers, the Costa Smeralda has blossomed into an enchanted playground. Encouraged by its success, other resorts have sprung up along the beautiful rugged coastline enhanced by a profusion of brilliant Mediterranean shrubs among some often astonishing rock formations. The translucent, unpolluted waters sparkle turquoise and away from the Costa Smeralda itself there are less expensive but equally beautiful places to visit with a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Local Bases: Cannigione

Costa Smeralda


Archipelago La Maddalena